Spotlights and Highlights

Client Acquisitions

For a medium-sized biotech company, BCNP Consultants successfully identified new international strategic partners for setting up a new field of business.

The structured process developed by BCNP contained the aspects developing the technological USP, producing marketing material, conducting market research in order to select and prioritise potential cooperation partners as well as contacting global partners in the name of the client (confidential).

Feasibility study

A chemical company so far focusing on its traditional business sought technology and innovation consulting.

BCNP Consultants was able to help by a sophisticated technology research and final assessment. This was followed by a market study addressing the company's questions in order to assess the general feasibility, the technical practicality and the market introduction. At the end of the project, BCNP supported the company by professionally managing the market introduction process which relieved the clients internal structures.


BCNP won sponsorships worth a six-digit euro amount for an international congress with more than 2.500 attendees.

BCNP Consultants was commissioned to develop and realise a sponsorship concept custom-tailored according to the character of the congress. Based on the aims of the organiser, our own industry knowledge and our insights in guidelines of companies and organisations, we were able to obtain a considerable amount of coverage. The key to success was our individual consulting based on our network and our personal contacts.

Strategic communication

A middle-sized biotech company was looking for comprehensive advices concerning communication matters in order to build up contacts to potential investors and further stake holders.

On the basis of its expertise, the network, its industry experiences and especially its media contacts, BCNP Consultants was able to help the company to attract international attention. Besides the strategic consulting, our text consultants were also able to relieve the client as outsourcing partners for the production of professional articles. Additionally, the company adopted several advices, e.g. the usage of new marketing instruments and social media.

Customer acquisition, communication and networking

A medium-sizes customer from the field of analytics came to us to adress the steel and energy sector with a new technology.

BCNP Consultants supported the customer with a market analysis, among others. With an internationally oriented set-up and evaluation of relevant trade fairs and conferences - for example, whether multipliers and decision-makers from the development are present - as well as in the communication of the complex product and its application ideas, e.g. through application notes, press releases, and the customer's support in networking in a new area like steel and energy.

New products and market introduction

An important chemical company saw a great market potential in the biotech sector and sought for a technology assessment for its traditional chemical products and services.

BCNP Consultants supported the client by a detailed research of public and internal BCNP-databases comparing and assessing the technology with the state of the art und current research activities. Structured interviews with experts providing special knowledge completed the overall picture. Finally, BCNP Consultants supported the client in his strategic decision about a concrete research and development focus.

Potential analysis

A German bio and chemical industry region sought to asses its current situation and its strengths and weaknesses in order to introduce support measures.

Within six months, BCNP Consultants fully achieved the client's objective in the three areas generating primary data, conducting orthogonal interviews and benchmarking by generating secondary data. At the end of the project, BCNP Consultants were able to formulate sector-related recommendations and to produce a concrete package of measures including a budget plan. Remarkable results, previously having not been seen by the customer, were the synergies in the fields of engineering, contract production and energy.

Market Due Diligence

The client was in the process of buying a competitor's business unit when new questions regarding the competitive situation and the market development arose.

BCNP Consultants supported the client at short notice in providing sufficient personal resources to assess the non-public issue by using technology expert network contacts, also in the environment of a potential competitor. In the end, the analysis of the competitive situation, the customer analysis, a potential assessment and the reflection of the general situation together with the expert consultants of BCNP Consultants led to the purchase of the business unit.

Nanotech start-up

The client was preparing to spin off from a research institute on the basis of a new technology for the production of nanoparticles applied in industrial biotechnology.

BCNP Consultants supported the team of entrepreneurs in conducting a patent research, in processing, analysing and assessing the available data and in providing concrete recommendations in the areas efficiency, patents, competition and team. In the end, we recommended not to pursue the spin-off before attracting funds to clarify the technical feasibility in field trials.

BCNP Consultants supported the team in applying for funding.