BCNP = Bengs Community Network Partners

The abbreviation "BCNP" stands for the four branches BCNP Consultants GmbH is active in: B for biotech, C for chemistry, N for nanotech und P for pharma.

At the same time, BCNP also stands for: Bengs Community Network Partners

Through this interpretation the philosophy of the company founder, a cooperative management style and the joint work of client, consultant and network has its place in the name of BCNP Consultants.

Our work and efforts for our clients are based on four guiding principles:

     Our self-image

     We say what we think! And we do what we say!

     Our credo

     Client satisfaction is what motivates us!

     Our philosophy

     Business relations are invaluable. We handle them carefully.

     Our principle

     It's the output that's important!