10 years of consulting experience in biotech, chemistry, nanotech and pharma

BCNP Consultants GmbH was founded in December 2010 and is the legal successor of Dr. Holger Bengs - Biotech Consulting.

Founding years

After several years in international key players of chemical industry and the media, Holger Bengs took the step to self-employment on January 6, 2002 from his Frankfurt office, equipped with a computer and a telephone. Already at the end of the month, talks with network partners resulted into first marketing and market research orders within a due diligence for a company purchase. In 2002 and 2003, Holger Bengs acted as coordinator of the national initiative "Year of Chemistry". This project was followed by marketing orders, e.g. for the Society of German Chemists (GDCh) and the Science4Life Venture Cup as well as public relations for small and medium-sized companies from the biotech and nanotech industry.

Growth by demand

In 2004, Holger Bengs started working with freelancers and part-time employees. Soon first consulting projects in technology assessment and feasibility studies followed. At the same time, he established first ties to Asia, especially to South Korea. The first delegation tours came to Germany. Here as well as in other large-scale industry projects, clients highly valued the large network of the company founder and his ability to establish business and industry contacts in the European market, to support business development and growth.

Strategic departure

From 2008 onwards, "Dr. Holger Bengs Biotech Consulting" has been transformed from a freelancer-based structure into an organisation of permanent employees. Anticyclical to the global financial crisis, Bengs employed several experts with different areas of competence like molecular diagnostics, nanotechnology, white (industrial) biotech and custom-specific analysis in biotechnology and chemistry.

BCNP Consultants GmbH is located in Frankfurt / Main and operates today in the four industry sectors biotech, chemistry, nanotech and pharma as well as in the four functional areas technology strategy, market intelligence, marketing management and capital sourcing.

In June 2011, BCNP Consultants opend an office in Dresden, Germany.