Creative Solutions through expertise, experience and networks

In its four core areas of expertise, Biotech, Chemistry, Nanotech and Pharmaceuticals, BCNP Consultants offers a speedy and efficient access to and overview of each topic to asses technologies, for marketing or financing purposes.

We understand your needs!

Most BCNP consultants have a science and technology background focusing on biology and chemistry. Each expert keeps in close contact with opinion leaders and decision makers in his particular area of competence: All counsellors regularly attend national and international scientific and industrial conferences and are members of scientific organisations and associations.

We offer instant Information

We continously keep up to date with the developments in our areas of expertise e.g. the production of nanoparticles, personalised medicine or industrial biotechnology. Thus, we are able to quickly and efficiently address individual consulting topics for our clients.

We realize your wishes accurately

Together with our clients we seek feasible solutions, which take into account the individual, economic and competitive conditions our client faces. We measure ourselves in respect to the goals defined by our clients and strive for durable long-term relationships. We are successful when our clients are successful, satisfied with our service and able to reach their goals though our assistance.